About Us

Everything Nice is a houseplant boutique that exists to support Vermont’s Giving Fridge, a staffed community refrigerator stocked with prepared meals made by Addison County restaurants and chefs with ingredients from local farms and producers. Each Everything Nice purchase, online or at our brick-and-mortar shop at 51 Main Street, Middlebury, Vermont, helps to make a neighbor’s day a little nicer while strengthening our local food system.

We believe that everyone deserves access to nutritious, local food. Food insecurity presents itself in numerous forms and many of us are just a health or financial setback away from food insecurity. Fostering resilient, sustainable support systems within our communities is vital. Giving Fridge meals are available to anyone in need, for any reason.

Giving Fridge works with Addison County restaurants, chefs, and farmers to provide our recipients a weekly menu of meals that accommodate a variety of dietary needs and health conditions. Food and health go hand-in-hand and we’ve seen first-hand that increased access to nutritious, prepared meals can improve the well-being, vitality, and productivity of our community.

Giving Fridge buys meals for $10 each and distributes an average of 450 free meals each week. Plants, grants, and donations help fund our mission. Since December 2020, we’ve been able to provide more than 35,000 meals to individuals and families throughout Addison County and put more than $350,000 back into our local economy. If you’d like to support our work you can adopt a plant or buy a gift from Everything Nice, make a donation, or volunteer.

Middlebury Shop @ 51 Main Hours:

Thurs & Fri : 12-7

Sat: 11-7

Sun: 11-5